A quick and affordable online service for an accountant to lodge your tax return

  • Online Fast Track Tax – $30 x 3 weekly payments
  • An ideal option for taxpayers with simple returns
  • Easy – no hassle trying to log into MyGov or dealing with the ATO
  • No interview required; just answer a few questions and we will do the rest
  • Convenience of starting the process now online at home

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Why choose Online Fast Track Tax?

  • Covid-19 Safe – no need to come to our office
  • Confidence your return is lodged accurately – less risk of audit
  • Our professional team, Louise, Tanya & Sarah at Beyond Tax are qualified & experienced accountants.

Get Started Now!

Get Started Now!

Please note Online Fast Track Tax is for taxpayers with simple tax returns. If you have complex tax matters such as Rental or ABN Income, Motor Vehicle log book, Self Education or Overnight Travel Expenses or wish to obtain any tax advice please book a virtual or in Office appointment

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    1. Online Fast Track Tax is a limited feature service only suitable for clients with simple individual tax returns
    2. We will rely on the ATO prefilling Income information to prepare your return
    3. Maximum 10 deductions
    4. No Interview - All information to be provided via our online form
    5. It is not suitable for clients with complex tax Income such as Rental properties, foreign Income, self-employment, investment disposals
    6. It is not suitable for clients with complex tax deductions such as self-education deductions, motor vehicle log book deductions, overnight travel deductions, purchases of tools or equipment >$300 (per item)
    7. We will review the claims to ensure that they are allowable
    8. Any service outside the scope of the T&C's will incur additional fees
    9. We will advise any additional fee prior to proceeding
    10. It is your obligation to retain your tax records and receipts for deductions claimed and ensure the information provided is true and correct
    11. Photo ID required