Australian Taxation Office
Issue 21
1 June 2016

Tax professionals newsletter

News highlights this week

Tax time publications online now
Find out how to access forms and instructions online, and read about the key changes and new measures this tax time.

Commissioner’s discretion under Division 7A
The fourth video in our Division 7A video series explains the Commissioner’s discretion under Division 7A.

30 days until the SuperStream deadline
Your small business clients have 30 days to meet the SuperStream deadline. They can use our Small Business Superannuation Clearing House to make payments.

System outages – plan ahead
The portals, our website and other systems will be unavailable from Friday 3 June 8.00pm to Monday 6 June 7.00am EST.

ELS will be available for lodgment, but you will need to download any reports before the outage. Find out about upcoming system outages.
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Your tax practice
Time limit for backdating GST registration
For tax periods commencing on or after 1 July 2012 we are unable to backdate GST registration beyond four years unless there has been fraud or evasion. See our example of how we will treat requests.

Tips to stay safe online
Check out our tips to help you stay safe online. You can also visit the Stay Smart Online website for information on understanding the risks and steps you can take to ensure you protect yourself and your practice.

Law, rulings & policy
Legal Database
Use the What’s new links of the Legal Database home page to access the latest public rulings, case decisions, ATO policy and more.

Interpretation NOW! – Episode 12
The latest episode of iNOW! is available for your information.

Tax topics
Agricultural Land Register
Your foreign investor clients who held agricultural land from 1 July 2015 and didn’t register it in the introductory period should do so immediately to avoid penalties. Find out how.

Luxury car tax threshold increase
From 1 July 2016 the luxury car tax (LCT) threshold for luxury cars will increase to $64,132. The threshold for fuel-efficient luxury cars will increase to $75,526.

Capital allowances: effective life review of assets used in the natural and synthetic textile manufacturing industry – review to commence
Find out about this review and how to take part.

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Upcoming events

We are talking at a range of conferences and forums. Over the next few weeks we will be speaking at:

6 June 2016
Tax Essentials Conference, Melbourne, VIC
Assistant Commissioner, Graham Whyte

7 June 2016
ATO Open forum, Sunshine Coast, QLD – Register to attend

8 June 2016
CCH Tax Manager network forum, Melbourne, VIC
Assistant Commissioner, Steve Howlin

8 – 9 June 2016
2nd Australian Digital Strategy Summit, Sydney, NSW
Deputy Commissioner, Michelle Crosby

9 June 2016
ATO Open forum, Bunbury, WA – Register to attend
If you want to get involved in our consultations, see About-consultation.