Business start-up adviceBusiness Suit

Right from the initial stages of commencing your business, we are here to help you with all the information and advice you require, and to assist you with the decisions you will need to make such as:

  • The best legal structure for the business
  • Taxes that apply to the business and the necessary tax forms that are required
  • How to keep accounting records that you are comfortable with in order to minimise the time you spend maintaining records, and also to minimise our fees

Business acquisition and saleDoing business.

If you are purchasing a business, we carry out an initial review of the business figures to determine whether it is worth proceeding with the purchase.

If you wish to proceed, we examine the figures more closely comparing them to the vendors’ tax returns and to industry standards.

If you are planning to sell your business, we will prepare a comprehensive business profile for you to distribute to prospective purchasers.

100% Xero.

We are Xero professional partners, so we can provide all of the assistance you will need, from buying the software, set-up to ensure you are making the most efficient and effective use of the software, through to on-going support.

We believe by joining the cloud accounting revolution, you will see instant benefits in both saved time and saved cost. Information is at your finger tips wherever you are, whenever you require it.  Call us and find out today just how easy it is to get onto the Cloud.