You are not limited to face-to-face appointments. At Beyond Tax, we believe in giving you the best possible outcome at your convenience. We are also a Covid-19 Safe Workplace and have designed a number of different options so you can remain safe. 


We book appointments that can take place on Zoom, over the phone or via email.

We also offer a new Fast Track Tax service and electronic signing for a paperless experience.

Not familiar with these formats? Here’s a quick rundown of what you might expect.

Fast Track Tax

The Fast Track Tax option is a condensed service which substitutes an interview with an online form to gather the information required for your tax return lodgement. This service is ideal for clients with simple basic tax returns that require no tax advice


  • A Speedy Cost Saving Option for BASIC Tax Returns with <10 deductions

  • Louise, Tanya or Sarah will prepare your return from information provided in our Fast

    Track Tax form

  • No interview required; less delay


  • Easy opt in and complete our secure online Fast Track Tax form

    o toupdatepersonaldetails

    o adviseworkrelatedexpensesandotherminordeductions

  • Fast Track Tax is NOT suitable if you require an interview, have complicated deductions with calculations, require analysis to determine deductibility, and other

    complex tax issues.

  • Complete the Fast Track Tax form now, we will start your return and finalise

    automatically as income information becomes available from the ATO

Zoom or phone Virtual appointments

The Zoom Virtual Interview Tax is a full service appointment via zoom orThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is zoom-2.png over the phone. We have designed an online form for these tax services and you will have the option to complete the form prior to your interview. This will enable us to update your return in advance of your interview and provide more discussion time for advice about your income, deductions and record keeping. The Form will also help you to organise information required for the interview.

These service option is ideal for clients that require advice regarding their income and deductions and have the following:

Income Sources


Tax Deductions


Trust Distributions

More than 10 tax deductions

Business Income – Additional Fee


MV claim using log book Method

Foreign Income


Travel Expenses

Rental Income – Additional Fee

Self-Education Expenses

Investment Disposals

Personal Superannuation Deduction

All Other Income


All Other Deductions

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